Special Interests

I love a lot of “stuff and thangs”, but there are a few specific interests in my life which I blog about relatively frequently here on Peonies ‘n Mint: weddings, reading, running, wine tasting, travel, writing, and music.

For a direct link to posts on these topics, please click the following category:

Real Weddings : Maybe you didn’t know, but Peonies ‘n Mint actually began as a wedblog while I was working at a wedding venue called Shadowland Ballroom. Clicking “Real Weddings” will direct you to a few posts of actual couples I assisted in coordinating their weddings. I absolutely love the wedding industry and my dream is to build and own my own wedding barn venue one day.

Book Reviews : Beginning in July 2015, I began a Reading List which covers a magnitude of titles I plan to consume. Sometimes a book will seduce me to write a review about it… You can find those reviews here.

Keeping Active : Health may be a menu topic for Peonies ‘n Mint, but running is a real passion in my life. I may not be the strongest, fittest, or fastest person alive, but I enjoy the sport and share my moments of strength — and weakness — with all my friends.

Wine Tasting : If I haven’t said it enough yet, then let me reiterate: wine is my life. Literally. I am a manager of a Southwest Michigan winery and also partake in the cardiac beverage from time to time. If you are interested in following my winery’s blog (where I am chief editor), feel more than welcome — there are a lot of wine-enthusiast topics to be found. However, if you are interested in hearing about my personal experiences from wine tasting adventures, then this is the page for you.

World Adventurer : I’m not sure if there is anything I love more than traveling. I love exploring the world God has created. I like eating new foods, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. And I love documenting my travels so I can relive them over and over again.

Creative Writing : In case you didn’t know, I really love to write. For a sample of my more literary pieces, check out my creative writing tags… most are from my academic days, but I try to submit new writings every now and then.

Lyric Collecting : Whether I am happy, sad, angry, or in love, some songs just hit me like a train. This little side piece is a collection of those songs and their lyrics. Take a listen!

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