“Once Upon A Time” Versus Forever & Always

A Facebook post came across my Newsfeed yesterday. The original author, Abbey Elizabeth Boone, stressed how important it was to wait to find someone who appreciates you and who you can appreciate back. Her simple little blurb was picked up by Love What Matters and has been shared numerous times, cementing its purpose to thousands of readers.

I encourage you to read Abbey’s original post (at the link above). Her comparison between her past toxic relationships to her current, healthy one made me smile. Today is G’s and my second wedding anniversary. Two years ago we stood in front of our loved ones and expressed vows of unconditional love, unfaltering companionship, and endless date nights. Marriage has been the best adventure of my life so far, even if it is also the most difficult. G and I have waged through a number of wars only to come out stronger in every situation. And that is the greatest difference between my own past relationships and present one.

So here is my own little version of my “Once upon a times” compared to my “Forever and Always”:

Once upon a time I spent $70 dollars on fresh produce and 3 hours cooking and preparing a “magnificent Mexican Monday” meal for a boy only to be told, “I’m more of a Taco Bell kind of guy, but A for effort.”

Last night, my husband told me I’m the greatest cook in the world after handing him a Crystal Light-fused water bottle and making a bowl of Ramen.

Once upon a time I was asked by a boy to not hang out with my guy friends of over 20 years because he didn’t want anyone to see me and think I was not exclusively “his”, all while he continued to date his ex-girlfriend on the side.

Though he usually joins me on outings, my husband encourages and supports all my friendships even when he is not present because he knows our relationship is the top priority to us both.


Once upon a time I starved myself and spent hours in the gym as a boy told me that my looks were not his “ideal girlfriend” and he praised and liked other girls’ pictures online.

Now, my husband laughs as I dig through the couch for the kernel of popcorn that missed my mouth, saying he’s never seen a sexier woman in his entire life.

Once upon a time I wore a ridiculously sexy red-hot dress, made a reservation at a high-end restaurant, and bought an expensive gift for a boy only to be told a half hour before he was meant to pick me up for Valentine’s Day dinner that he had a headache and needed to stay home.

On the day of our engagement, my husband scheduled our families to be present and photograph his proposal, made reservations for our entire party at one of our favorite restaurants, and made sure I dressed well and had my hair done without arousing my suspicions. He did all this on a Tuesday night knowing that I would guess the special occasion had it been a weekend.


Once upon a time I was told by a number of boys that I was a great person but just “not good enough for me…”

Now, my husband lets me know, by words and actions, that I am more than enough for him.

Be patient for your “person.” It is never necessary to settle for mediocrity, especially when it comes to your heart and future.

The wait is worth it, my friends.


To my forever and always, G: you are more than I ever could have dreamed and greater than I ever asked. Thank you for accepting me for the person that I am. Every day.

I love you.

3 thoughts on ““Once Upon A Time” Versus Forever & Always

  1. This is such a sweet and romantic post! It really is truly amazing how well your husband treats you compared to the other boys before and you have found such an amazing life partner. I’m still young so probably have more heartbreaks to come, but I am glad in saying that my current boyfriend treats me with more respect and love than I ever had from anyone else, so I know that for my future husband I’ll need that same level of respect and love:)


    1. Thank you; he makes it easy to write sweet things about! 🙂

      It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders and a great perspective on love — something I wish I had had when I was younger. Even if there are more suitors in your future, at least you will have a level of expectations moving forward. My first boyfriend was a wonderful person and, in retrospect, no one held up to him until I met my husband. Relationships are so interesting to me.

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