Introducing The “badashery” Approach To My Health

A key component of Uncorking Peonies will be covering topics concerning my health. Moving forward, I plan to cover topics on taking control of my nutrition, exploring exercises I can sustain and perform regularly, and researching how to help my body feel (and look) its best. I’m referring to this newest approach in my health journey as “the re-claiming of my badash attitude.” I want to love myself, inside and out, as much as I love every other aspect of my life, and the journey to this goal begins today.

Since what happened medically to me in 2018, I have been having a difficult time with my body image. I’ve gained weight and lost self-confidence. It has been taking such a toll on me mentally and I find my thoughts returning to little pity parties throughout the day. I’m tired of these selfish thoughts. I’m tired of feeling down on myself. I’m tired of being tired.

So I’ve been making active changes to do better and become better. I’ve begun running again, I’ve implemented a 85/15 clean eating diet into my lifestyle, and I’ve joined a CrossFit gym (though this area has been on the back-burners for awhile due to COVID.)

As I continue with my progress, I hope to share some of my discoveries (like how cleaner eating impacts my body, how I am attempting to reconcile my hormone imbalances, and how my running is progressing) with you, my friends.
If you’re in the midst of your own health journey, I’d love to connect! Find me on Instagram @ashleylslack or comment below — I am all about accountability and encouraging every individual on his/her path to success. We’re all fighting our own battles, amirite? Might as well gather as many troops as possible to assist.

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