100,000 Miles Behind Me (And Another Birthday)

As I was returning home from CrossFit on Monday, my odometer rolled into the six digits. My Ford Escape, Capri, which I bought in 2014 new with only 17 miles has taken me on a lot of journeys: Tennessee, Indy, Pictured Rocks, Finger Lakes, Maine. “He” gets me from Point A to Point B daily, and as the numbers flipped to all zeros, I had to smile at all the memories made inside my little ride.

In a similar fashion, my own odometer flipped a number today. I am now 28-years-old, and though most days I feel like I should not be so close to the big 3-0, today I am thankful for the years behind me. It has become a bit of a tradition for me to write birthday posts full of those memories (see 2018, 2016, 2015, and 2014) This year I figured it might be about time to share a few facts about myself to allow my readers to get to know me a bit better. So, here I am…

28 Things You May Not Know About Me:

  1. I am an INFJ personality type (the most rare!) and find the description terrifying accurate.
  2. I am allergic to metals — which I discovered when I got braces as a child.
  3. My favorite scents are rustic: campfire, pine, leather.
  4. My first job was acting as Santa’s elf at our local mall.
  5. I am a die-hard Potterhead. J. K. Rowling was my inspiration to begin writing as a child.
  6. I do not drink soda. I stick strictly to “water drinks”: coffee in the morning, water in the afternoon, and wine at night.
  7. My biggest fears are tornadoes, Furbys, and being forgotten. I think all are self-explanatory.
  8. My hair is naturally blonde.
  9. I could live life never having sweets again, but I’d die without some salty treats.
  10. I did not play with dolls as a little girl, instead I loved my Pound Puppies and Beanies Babies.
  11. My favorite flower is –surprise — peonies.
  12. When I am sad, my favorite movie to watch is The Breakfast Club.
  13. I purge my closet every Spring and Fall. If I haven’t worn an article of clothing in the past 6 months, I put it in a tote. Then I go through the tote and any articles I have forgotten about, I donate. Its a revolving cycle of refinding fun pieces and purging those I no longer need/wear.
  14. Though I hate to admit it, I am a crier. Sad movie? Instant tears. Happy movie? Instant tears. Song about a dog? Instant tears.
  15. If I never visited a city again, I’d be okay. I am a country girl through and through.
  16. I was a fan of the Cubs before the 2016 World Series. (And cried happy tears when the Curse of the Goat finally broke!)
  17. My childhood dream was to be an architect, and I spent countless hours designing houses on The Sims.
  18. My celebrity crush is Hugh Jackman.
  19. I am an only child.
  20. I cannot keep a plant alive indoors to save my life. I’ve murdered about 20 basil plants since moving into our home.
  21. I love staying home. LOVE it. Staying in is my favorite Friday night activity.
  22. I am kind of competitive when it comes to board games. “If you aren’t first, you’re last.”
  23. My top five favorite TV shows are: Desperate Housewives, Smallville, The Office, The Walking Dead, and Great British Bake-Off.
  24. I’m very good at sleeping. Give me ten minutes, and I can be passed out. I’ve slept through turbulence, long car rides, and boring movies.
  25. I live for real crime and fantasy novels.
  26. I did not declare my college major until my last semester. I thought I was going to declare Creative Writing, but decided to take two courses on grant writing in order to earn a bachelors degree in Professional Writing.
  27. Something G thought was completely endearing when we first started dating is that I do not have a favorite color. Instead, I have a favorite color per season. In Spring, I love mint, Summer coral, Fall rose gold, and Winter slate.
  28. I order lattes with oat milk because a barista once told me, “That’s the correct way to drink lattes.” I didn’t need more evidence than that, I guess.

I hope you enjoyed learning 28 facts about me. Please share some fun facts about yourself below! I would love to learn a little bit about yourself, friend.

A big thank you to all my friends and family taking time out of their Sunday to wish me a Happy Birthday. I feel so blessed with the love, encouragement, and support of you all.

With you and for you,

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