Our Family Is Growing!

We interrupt your blogging dose of wine, decor, and tipsy wonderings to share some exciting news! Our family has grown…

… by four paws!

Meet the newest addition to our family, Copper.

Copper is a beautiful red-tri Austrailian Shepherd who came home with G and I a week ago. He is super smart, super cute, and super energetic. This past week has been filled with a lot of laughs and cooing, and we could not be more in love with this little bundle of fluff.


Life with a puppy is a learning experience for sure. We’ve lost some sleep throughout the week as our little man adjusts to being in our home, and we’re slowly learning easy commands like Down, Sit, and No. I’ll probably be absent from the blog for a bit until I have my evenings a bit more free of keeping a watchful eye on this guy. He’s learning quickly, but at only 9 weeks old, he is quite the handful!

Copper and I went on our first vet visit on Friday. He is a chunky 15.8 “perfect specimen” of a pup, and we both enjoyed our outing. Now that he has had his second round of puppy shots, we’re planning to begin socializing out of the house from time to time. Today we’ll be visiting Grandma and Grandpa Mama along with their three dogs, and this week we’re staying with Grandma and Grandpa Pa during the day while Mom is away for a work conference. Hopefully little man will get tuckered out with all the interaction!

In other news, this upcoming weekend is Pink Tie Ball. After a year of planning, the Pink Ladies and I are about to witness all our efforts come to fruitation. We already have surpassed all our previous years in ticket sales and sponsorships, and I anticipate a record-breaking year of funds raised at the actual gala too. G and I will be dancing the night away with some of the best people and I. Could. Not. Be. More. Excited.

Looks like naptime lasted a whole 10 minutes and Copper is now aggressively pulling on my robe’s belt so I better go.

Until we meet again, friends,

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