Engagement Shots: The Woods

It is the end of the road for our beautiful photographs by Dear Olive Photography, but I could not be more thrilled to share this last location with you all, friends! As the snow falls outside my bay window, it is hard to believe these pictures were taken only a month ago. With the fantastic Fall colors and lack of parkas and sock hats, I think it’s pretty funny how I was complaining about the cold during the shoot. The day might have been overcast, but at least temperatures were above the frigid 25 degrees of today.

I’m going to take this last post as my own sort of escape from the cold and blistery weather outside and hope they will hold me until spring arrives…

woods1.jpgIt amazes what photography can do with landscaping. Looking around us during the shoot, I wouldn’t have said I was extremely taken by any of our surroundings. Actually, the majority of these shots taken “in the woods” were not done in the actual woods at all! They were taken in front of a small patch of trees still holding their leaves along the sidelines of Grand Mere’s parking lot. Goes to show what talent our photographer has by catching the perfect angles and making a small area so whimsical.

These pictures were before all out other locations. (Don’t ask me why I chose to finally reveal them last — I honestly did not have a thought concerning their order.) So looking through these brings a lot of warm, fuzzy memories for me. G and I were just getting into the swing of being the main attraction for the camera. Neither of us are particularly keen on acting front-and-center, but here we were taking the spotlight for our engagement shoot. We wanted to look natural, but also better than our usual-natural. Just like anyone would if they were having their pictures professionally taken, right?

Staci was a huge help in calming our nerves though. She told us to make one another laugh and not pay attention to the camera or herself. Act like we were alone. Sometimes giving instructions on how to stand or where to place our hands, overall we were free to be ourselves. Which ultimately made for the best experience either of us could have imagined!

I’ve had a few brides-to-be message me on Instagram and Twitter (I love to hear from y’all!) and asked how I narrowed my engagement attire to only two outfits. I’ll share my secret now: I had three outfits chosen for this shoot and wore none of them! An hour before G and I were to leave for the park, I was sitting on my bed almost in tears. I wasn’t feel too fit for a photo shoot and was hitting a very low point in my self-esteem.

G, bless his heart, tried to console me by saying he had never know a more beautiful woman. I remember dropping my hands to my sides and looking at the ceiling.

“I appreciate that but I just don’t have anything to wear for this!”

Looking to my walk-in closet and the multitude of clothes inside, G raised an eyebrow, “I’m sure we can figure something out.”

It is such a blessing to have a man willing to handle a woman’s crazy when it comes to clothing. Typically I stick to the same outfits on a weekly basis even though I have enough clothes to never shop again. (Why is that, by the way? Why do I buy certain things thinking they look good but then never actually wear them? I know I’m not the only one! It must be a criteria for finally hitting womanhood…) However, on this day in particular I couldn’t even picture myself in one of my “usuals.”

Somehow after cancelling nearly half my wardrobe from the acceptable options, I was left with a thought. I turned to G, who was witnessing my various outfits being paraded in front of him as he attempted to watch some YouTube video about machining, and asked, “Pick a dress and a shirt for me.”

That was how I came about choosing my dress from The Lake shoot — G chose the perfect option.

As for this little polka dot number, it was unashamedly from my dirty laundry basket. I had previously worn this while dressed as Lois Lane to G’s Clark Kent on Halloween only a few days prior to our engagement session. It was a staple to my wardrobe about two years ago, but as any woman can tell you, we tend to cycle in our weekly options. So it had been awhile since I’d actually worn this outfit professionally or socially. Knowing it was a good fit and neutral colors helped in my decision as well.

All in all, I recommend going with outfits that are comfortable and simple. I did not go overboard with my jewelry and chose against wearing any bright colors. I think this had a wonderful effect in allowing the colors of our environment really stand out and make the photographs more dimensional and dynamic.

In the end, the pictures aren’t truly about what you’re wearing anyways. Always remember that and take into account the real purpose of having your engagement pictures taken.

I never want to stop making memories with you.

Every day brings a plethora of new memories, each one my favorite. I cannot wait to see where else we go and what more we do, G. Forever and always.


2 thoughts on “Engagement Shots: The Woods

    1. Thank you so much! I still cannot get enough of them — Staci at Dear Olive Photography is WONDERFUL and we are so excited to have her shoot our wedding in June.


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