Engagement Shots: The Road

Round Two is here, friends! As promised, I’m continuing with the second post of three for our stunning engagement photographs taken by Dear Olive Photography, and I have to admit, I’m pretty astonished in my own ability to keep these little gems off social media thus far. G and I have already printed all our pictures over the past week, plus ordered a few specialty items such as a photo book for our coffee table. The Christmas season is the perfect time to receive your professional pictures back — all the online stores (Walgreens, Shutterfly, etc.) are having amazing sales! So I am attempting to keep myself reigned in on the buying front and simply enjoy all these images digitally.

This post should help!

The day’s dreary skies had us worried how these photographs would turn out. I’ve dabbled in photography for fun in the past and know sunlight can be a pest for the art as well due to shadows and squinting and what-have-you, but the clouds truly appeared as if they were going to open on us at any moment throughout the whole shoot. Seeing these vivid colors and how amazingly Staci captured our natural surroundings though, I am so glad we were able to take these shots when we did! Given another week the trees would have been bear and the wind would have been our worst enemy. We were blessed!

One thing G and I always make sure to have time for in the mornings is our coffee. How we take our coffees varies just like our personalities, but in the end we love coffee and it’s one of the biggest reasons we are able to make it through every day. Kind of a symbolism our relationship. How we make our coffees is a symbol of our personalities — we differ in many ways and are very strong on different fronts. However, the core of our beings — our values, morals, beliefs, goals, etc. — the coffee itself if you will, is the same. Having one another in each other’s lives pushes us forward each and every day. We make each other better people. Happier people.

We love coffee.

I could use some coffee, actually…

Anyways, thinking of different props we could possibly use, we happened to find these adorable mugs at Pier 1 Imports and came up with the coffee idea. We brought two thermos of our favorite coffees and served one another, an act which is common in our livelihood. The pictures couldn’t have come out any cuter in my opinion! And, please, do not judge me on my coffee habits — I tend to like just a bit of coffee with my butter pecan creamer.

All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.

Thank you for being the one thing in my life to remain constant and consistent, G. You make me a better person, in every way, every single day, and I am so proud to call you my fiance. Forever and always.

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