#Inspiration: Head Tables

I’m all over the board, I know, friends. One day I’m thinking about cakes, the next I’m considering the seating chart. I tell you, coordinating someone else’s wedding is 542,568 times easier than trying to plan my own! At least, in the respect that coordinating and planning are TWO. VERY. DIFFERENT. THINGS.

But, let me stay on target with this post before I rant: head tables. Let me give some insight on the wonderfulness that is where G and I will be sitting throughout the Big Day, and how we’ll be spinning away from tradition a bit…

When I was in my friend Kari’s wedding last year, I absolutely loved something her and her hubby chose to do, so G and I are stealing the idea for our own wedding: we are having our wedding party’s SO’s sit with them at our head table. We agreed that it is always painfully awkward for a SO to sit by him or herself at a wedding where he/she may only know the marrying couple and their SO who is in the wedding party. Thus, to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible, an additional seat will be added beside each bridesmaid and groomsmen to allow SO’s a special seat as well.

With this decision, though, our head table is a bit off-skew. As our Man of Honor and one bridesmaid are married, they will be sitting together. This means we will have eight placements on one side of G and me, and only six on the other.

So, to make the bride and groom’s seats centered, we’ve chosen to have a round Sweetheart table set between two longer tables. Behind the round table, G and I will sit, and we will design a special backdrop for unique picture opportunities. I’m also a big fan of texture and am looking at options for changing up our linen on our table for something a bit different than the other tables — I am LOVING the sequin overlay in the image below!

As for decor, we’re going to keep the tables relatively simple just like the other centerpieces throughout the tent. Greenery garland will slither down the front of the party’s two tables with numerous candles and four vases to hold the bridesmaids’ bouquets. On the Sweetheart, a single vase for the bridal bouquet will be centered, as well as some more candles. I am hoping to find a vintage bench or love seat to borrow for the evening to mark the table even more special.

As a back drop, I am torn between the garland hoops and the simple falling fairy lights with tulle. I would like to build a L-O-V-E lighted sign for the front of the Sweetheart table, though I may try to work with a galvanized “S” and tree stumps with lanterns or something rustic as well.


What have you tried that you would recommend or not for your own head table? Any pointers for us brides-to-be?

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