How to Choose a Meaningful Wedding Theme

Wedding planning has been in full swing since the proposal on September 19th. Being an event planner and ex-wedding coordinator, I have found the process to be somewhat of a breeze. However, I know that I’m very fortunate with my connections in the wedding world, and want to do my part in making any of bride-to-be’s journey to the aisle as easy as possible also!

That being said, where do you even start after your beloved has popped the question?! That was probably the most difficult question for me to answer following that amazing day on the pier. I all of a sudden had all these wedding ideas floating around in my head, all of these checklists to complete, all of these inspiration boards to browse through on Pinterest… it was all a bit overwhelming.

So, I began from the beginning: creating a meaningful wedding theme.

Wedding themes are the entire package of your wedding. Themes encompass your wedding experience in its entirety — from colors to decor to invitations, dress code, and flow of the wedding day — and communicate the day you and your future spouse have planned for your guests. The best wedding themes are built on a  few powerful ideas which truly symbolize you and your FS’s relationship. So it’s important as you’re thinking through wedding ideas to focus on two to three central ideas to build your wedding around.

When you narrow down a wedding theme, you’ll be amazed at how much easier making design decisions will be, how communicating with wedding vendors becomes simpler, and how you’ll truly be able to visualize the experience you want on your wedding day.

Where do you start when thinking of wedding themes though?

Envision Your Wedding Day
For G and I, we actually began at the end. We sat down and asked ourselves, “How do we envision our wedding day? What sort of environment do we want for our guests? How casual or formal is our wedding going to be? What sort of food, music, decor, etc. are we envisioning for the day and night?”

As we listed our intentions, a vision of what we expected took root. We wanted a laid-back wedding for our guests to enjoy themselves casually. We wanted a celebration of our love with our most treasured love ones surrounding us. Outdoors, airy, fun.

Use Your Personal Styles
It is so important to incorporate your own personal styles into your wedding design! This is a day to celebrate your love, so why not celebrate what truly makes you unique as individuals and/or as a couple?

Do either of you have a specific type of fashion you love to wear, such as vintage dresses or a retro vibe? What are your favorite pop culture icons, favorite artists, favorite sports teams, etc.? There are tons of examples of weddings themed around Harry Potter, carnivals, superheroes, baseball, roaring 20’s, and so much more! Include hobbies or interests you love as a couple and want to share with your guests.

I am all about themed weddings, just check out Walt and Rebecca’s carnival themed wedding I was honored enough to coordinate when I worked at Shadowland. However, G and I are sticking to our own laid-back, more modern-casual styles for our wedding than a full out theme.

Choose a Wedding Color Palette
When you scroll through wedding inspiration boards on Pinterest, you will be bombarded with color palettes. And though palettes help pull together a polished wedding look, remember that colors only accentuate your theme and do not create it.

Your color palette should play off ideas taken from your wedding vision and style. G and I plan to have an outdoors wedding with a lot of greenery and pops of peonies (of course!) Thus, we decided to include Dusty Rose and Peacock as part of our palette. Then, playing with both our eyes colors and the clear sky we’re praying for on the day of the wedding, we also chose Navy. Rose Gold and Platinum (Silver) will be accents for decor and jewelry.

Look at Tradition and Culture
When it comes to weddings, family heirlooms and traditions are a wonderful starting point for wedding themes. Perhaps your family has a crest which you could incorporate into your design choices and color scheme. Or you’ve decided to wear the wedding dress which has been worn by three generations of women in your family. What a beautiful and unique way to include your family’s history into your special day!

Even if you are not as culturally diverse as some of your friends, this does not mean you cannot pull ideas from other cultures to include in your own wedding. Some cultures have extravagant designs within themselves and colors which are breathtaking. If you are drawn to these, do not hesitate to pull from their examples.

Once you have an inkling of your wedding theme’s direction, it’s time to focus all your ideas. Make a list and go through, pulling out two to three that mean the most to you and your future spouse.

G and I did this and came up with the following: we are getting married outdoors on a no-frills quaint farm, we love to go hiking and watch fictional movies, and we ultimately want our wedding day to be a true celebration of our love. Our wedding theme is a Whimsical Romantic Rustic wedding.

Some other theme words you may want to play with: Vintage, Romantic, Traditional, Classic, Eclectic, Modern, Preppy, Formal, Fun, Themed, Garden, Chic.

Brides-to-be and current wedding planners, what are your wedding themes? Have you seen any themes which really stuck out to you and inspired you with your own planning? I would love to hear your ideas!

2 thoughts on “How to Choose a Meaningful Wedding Theme

    1. That sounds beautiful, Faye! One of my good friends is having a black and gold accented wedding in August 2018 and I canNOT wait to see the outcome! It is going to be absolutely stunning! Please check back with me and let me know how your wedding goes — I would love to see pictures!


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