Pop the Cork (aka The Beginning)

Welcome to the beginning! The beginning of a project I have been imagining for some time now, and finally found the empty minutes (how?!) to tie together and reform this little corner of the Blogosphere for my own space: Uncorking Peonies.

Uncorking Peonies, in its most basic breakdown, is a wedblog. Sweet and simple. The love of my life, my partner in crime, the Cool Whip to my Pumpkin Spice Oreo (#basicwhitegirlstatus) got down on one knee mid-September and asked me to be his wife, and now we’re busily planning a wedding among already busy life schedules.

My name is Ashley and I am a 20-something event coordinator hailing from Michigan. As you may have gathered from the tagline of this blog (and the various photos of wine glasses and wine bottles), I’m a bit of a wine enthusiast. This is due to the fact that I actually work as an event coordinator for the wine club of a local winery; I am surrounded by wine and am hit with wine knowledge 24/7. It is a pretty great gig, especially given the fact one my great passions is event planning. Nothing makes me happier than bringing people together for a fun and spirited party!

When I graduated from college, I was blessed to roll straight into my dream job — I worked as a wedding coordinator at a venue on the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan. During my seven months of working at this venue, I hosted 70 weddings and events, and with each passing couple my heart fell more in love with the wedding world. When I left to take a career in the wine industry (the horror!), it was in true sorrow as my passion was for the events and wedding world… but due to other circumstances, I was carried away for a few years. So, when the opportunity opened for me to have both the wine industry paired with events, I jumped! Now I host exclusive wine club events at my premium winery for my 750+ club members, as well as the occasional rehearsal dinner and bridal shower.

I also wear a variety of hats throughout my community and keep myself very busy. I am your typical 21st-century woman, after all. I sit on a number of volunteer committees, partake in Bible studies and book clubs, play in a volleyball league, love spending time with my family and wonderful fiance, and value my friends and social life. I live Life very glass-is-half-full and always approach situations with a smile.

Unfortunately, though, my career life still does not allow me to have myself elbow-deep in the wedding world. So, my fiance and I are diving head first into wedding planning and taking it upon ourselves to do as much of the prep-work, decor-construction, and handiwork necessary to make our wedding feasible and budget-friendly. In only a few weeks time, our unique skills, talents, and connections are making wedding planning quite the adventure! I started compiling a list of every little achievement and hiccup along the way and, being an English major and wanna-be writer, figured a wedblog was just the outlet for such a compilation!

Perhaps these little ramblings will give some other bride-to-be an idea, or a conversation might be struck up between bride to bride and provide some inspiration in a situation — I am all about helping one another out!

On Uncorking Peonies I’ll be covering some of the following topics:

  • Keeping to a set (feasible) budget,
  • Hosting a non-traditional wedding,
  • How to manage pre-wedding stress,
  • Do-it-yourself projects with a rustic touch,
  • Dodging the wedding fee hurdles,
  • and Truly making The Day about you and your love!

This is the one thing you’ll see me continue to reiterate throughout my posts: your wedding day is a day to celebrate the love between your partner and yourself. Be sure to focus on that love above all else; your guests will ultimately forget the day, but your partner and you will not — be sure it is how the two of you envision it, and choose to have moments meant only for you two! My most memorable weddings were the ones which were evident how much the couple were in love — the entire room was dense with the emotion.

THAT is how I want my wedding to be. That is my goal. That is what this wedblog is aiming to portray and inspire.

So, please, join me with a glass (or bottle!) of wine as I journey to the aisle…

Here we go!

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