Permanent Inklings

I recently witnessed an exchange on social media on a person’s choice of tattooing himself. The conversation turned rather hostile, with the tattooer being verbally abused over this choice on his own body. His responses, though, made me think about how entitled our world seems to be in their opinions and beliefs.

Society has an issue with entitlement. There are so many people in the world nowadays who believe they are entitled to many things, the most popular being their opinions. How many times have you browsed Facebook and witnessed an outrageous post of a person “only giving their honest opinion” and thought to yourself, “This is hinging on cyber bullying.”

In today’s world, many people tend to be very opinionated on those with tattoos. Wearers of tattoos are misjudged, thought negatively upon, and lumped together in a very poorly-conceived stereotype. The fact is though that those with tattoos are the same as everyone else; they have a story to tell and they have found a way of expressing themselves.

I do not personally have a tattoo, but I plan to get one before the year is over. I have said this for nearly four years; I am dead-set that 2015 is the time though. To me, body art represents something deeper than just needle-to-skin. To me, a tattoo generates conversation and contemplation for both the wearer and observer. Tattoos mark the venture into a person’s past, present, and future.

For me, I have a few concepts which I like in regards to a tattoo, and they all have some sort of meaning behind them. But I cannot decide which one I should get! At least, which one should be my first… So I’m going to leave my ideas here and hope to get some bites on what you all might think.

(Also, I was pretty impressed by my little drawing here.. I haven’t drawn in forever so this wasn’t half bad for a 30 second sketch.)


  1. Always – A reference to the series that sparked my love for words, Harry Potter, and also for the greatest force on earth: love. I like the idea of having this one simple word tattooed along the underside of my wrist to give evidence to the true passions in my life.
  2. Swan – The swan is a symbol of perfection, something I strive for in my life. Being a perfectionist has its dark and light moments, just like a swan. I have been thoroughly disappointed in myself in the past, always acting as my worst critic. However, just like the swan also symbolizes transformation, I take pride in what I have done to get to this point in my life. I am morally-sound, intelligent, and beautiful woman who trusts that her future will be vibrant and bright. I would want this small tattoo placed behind my ear.
  3. Faith – My faith is the most important aspect of my life. Without God and his saving grace, I would be a wretched and wicked person with no hope of happiness. But with the faith He has granted me, I am capable to become and do everything. I’ve heard the rib cages are the most painful for tattooing, but this clean design would be worth it.
  4. Dragon – I have always been fascinated with the worlds in literature that cannot exist. In a way, these fantasy worlds break barriers in my mind and allow my imagination to soar. That is why I would include the words, “Never set limitations.” — my personal mantra. I am not one who wants to set any sort of limits on my life; I want to experience everything to the fullest, to try my hardest, and to gain the most knowledge in every situation. (I plan to draw my own dragon for this idea, which would be located on my hip… a location only those closest to me would ever see it.)
  5. Compass – As if I need to say it again, traveling the world is something I desire. I want to step forth on each continent, learn about different cultures, experience the diversity of the world. I want to discover how people, so different from me, can also be so similar. We’re all here for the same purpose, but we all go about “it” in different ways. This intrigues me. Placing this on my ankle shows this desire.

No matter which tattoo I choose, I will also be getting the Michigan Heart, which is a delicate little thing placed on a Michigander’s hand in the place they call(ed) home. As someone who returned to her home after college, I love my little section of the world and would never give up my memories of this beautiful state for anything.


So, what do you guys’ think? This is seriously a difficult decision — and a permanent one! Any words of advice or snippets of suggestions?

A tattoo is an art form of telling a story; a tattoo is the symbol of a story waiting to be told.

3 thoughts on “Permanent Inklings

  1. Welcome to the world of the tattooed. Most people (my self included) cannot stop at one. I am almost done with my half sleeve. I have a full half sleeve which covers my ENTIRE upper arm up under to the armpit (holy OUCH!) and down to the elbow as well as a huge japanese koi from my knee to ankle. A gently friendly piece of advice for you… if you are unsure of what to get… think on it.. Get a temporary one and see how you feel. Your choice must be your own, don’t go until you’re sure. If anyone else makes a decision for you, you might be unhappy. I have a few blog posts about tattooing.. I just got TEBORI done last night (hand poked Japanese tattoo method).. Good luck!


    1. Thank you for the welcome, Lauryn, though I’m not yet a member. 😉 A good friend of mine has a sleeve and it is absolutely beautiful. Now, I would never be able to do that — I am not one to want attention drawn to me so all my ideas are quite inconspicuous, but I do understand the “tattooer’s curse”. Anyone I know who has gotten a tattoo could not stop with only one. I am definitely going to make the final decision on my tattoo choice. However, like I said, all five of these ideas are ones which I love and tentatively say I will have one day. I have heard of TEBORI, and seen demonstrations on it. Holy cow, girl!! You’re a rockstar! So happy you’re living out your life the way you want — I will have to take a peek at these tattoo posts you mention. Thank you for the advice as well!


      1. awesome! doing it for yourself is the way to go! being female with a half sleeve, even today, i get “stared” at.. either its some sort of glare or a approving nod, that is still attention, so yeah i get you.. Welcome anyway, because you are halfway there! get what speaks to you the loudest and means the most.. you’ll be happy with it forever..


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