5 Resolutions Worth Setting

I’ve never been one to make New Years resolutions. I tend to stick with yearly goals, holding more accountability to my success rather than making a simple statement of something I want to do in the new year. One way to do this is by taking baby steps rather than resolving to make drastic life changes. Any progress is good progress, so start small and consider the aspects of life which will help you reach your goals in the long run. Here are five resolutions I believe are worthy to be set every year:

1. Stay Positive
Something negative will happen in 2015. Something will break, someone will hurt you, something will be lost. Remember you cannot control everything! So do what causes you to heal and let it go. It is normal to have a wide range of human emotions, but focus on developing the majority of those emotions to be positive. As long as you did your best, there is no reason for you to be ashamed of any failures. Keep moving forward.

2. Get Physical
The most overly exaggerated and overly failed New Years resolution, getting physical can mean many things. The trick is to not make your goal to be about weight loss or vanity, but simply to become healthier. Make an easy goal such as using your body for only 15 minutes a day and then work your way to more. The benefits will quickly become apparent to you, both mentally and physically.

3. Practice Kindness
Take it upon yourself to extend genuine warmth to everyone you encounter, be they new acquaintances or old friends. There is something to be said for the person who can fully embrace those around them. Choose to be fully supportive of those around you. All of us are valuable parts of the human race and all of us have numerous purposes (with some still waiting to be discovered.) No one is greater than another, and it is important to be kind and caring to anyone whose struggles, outlooks, opinions, and/or beliefs differ from our own.

4. Be Happy
Your happiness does not depend on anyone or anything other than yourself. If you want to create, then write or paint or craft. If you want to be richer, then save. If you want to be in love, then find someone who fits the mold. What are you waiting for? You have the ability to do whatever you want! Go be happy with your life.

5. Become More Aware
It seems that the world is becoming less and less aware of what is going on outside of social media. Similar to what was mentioned in my The Facebook Fear post, it’s important to evaluate how much time you spend using technology. Then adjust accordingly. Perhaps reserve an hour a day to be completely digital free. Instead, read a book, do volunteer work, go outside, meet a friend for drinks. Just get away from the monitor and your all-seeing smart phone. There’s nothing more rewarding than making yourself more aware of the world around you, and you might even strengthen your interpersonal connections in the mean

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