As the new year roars closer and closer and Christmas celebrations are already in the rear view window, I cannot help but consider how extremely blessed I am. In every aspect of my life I am blessed. And though I tend to focus on the positive experiences, the negative ones truly help me to pay attention to the endless blessings being passed down every day of my life.

With this in mind, it seems almost humorous that I happened to see this status by an acquaintance of mine on Facebook last week:

“Christmas is only 3 days away, which means we’re only 9 days away from Facebook being filled with a million statuses about the wonderful year our FB friends have had. Yes, we all know, you’re #blessed.”

Reading this made me quite angry. I’m sorry, but it warms my heart to know so many of my friends are blessed. Yes, my News Feed has been flooded with end-of-the-year picture collages and photo videos featuring my Facebook friends’ biggest events in 2014. And yes, I may skim over them without actually reading through, but guess what? Every time I see a friend of mine being thankful for how #blessed they are, I smile.

I feel genuine happiness for these people who are satisfied with yet another year. Especially for those who I know have experienced hardships like death of loved ones, break ups, and illness. Seeing such thanks for the positivity in their lives rather than dwelling on the negative experiences is not something to scoff at — it’s yet another thing to be grateful for!

So to my friends and family I welcome all your good tidings from 2014 and I pray for an even more #blessed 2015.

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