New Year, New Possibility

Isn’t it weird how things seem to pop up at the most random times and in the most inconvenient (yet in some regards convenient) ways? I have been stressing this past week. I have been stressing hard. One of those weird, random “things” has happened to me and though it’s actually a great opportunity, it gives me a heavy heart.

Last week I was approached by the owner of the winery where I work. The winery is actually a side business for him; he actually is a farm broker who owns his own business called Heartland Agriculture. He wondered if I might be interested in taking the role as his personal assistant…. and I have decided to accept his offer.

I didn’t actually think too much about the proposal until I went home and spoke to my parents about it. I mean, I am ridiculously happy at Shadowland. I love the people I work for and with, I love being surrounded by everything wedding-related, I love having the ability to be creative, I love being about to blog — I mean, seriously, I just love the job. Working in the wedding industry has always been my dream, and I was lucky enough to enter my dream straight out of college. How many people are able to say that?!


The only issue with Shadowland is that it is a very well known and respected wedding venue. Awful, right? For a young girl with social needs, though, this is a problem. At Shadowland we have weddings Friday, Saturday, and Sunday every week from March to October. In 2014 we had 60 weddings with events thrown in almost on a weekly basis. I didn’t mind this summer when I was single and not ready to mingle, but now with Army and the prospect of every summer weekend taken in 2015, I have been worrying a bit on what this prospect held for my budding relationship, and my social life in general.

The other downside to Shadowland is the income. I am very lucky to have been offered a full-time gig right out of college, but the work done at Shadowland is tough. We work our butts off, usually working at least twelve hour shifts on event nights. This means a typical week in the summer averages around 55-60 hours, and we are salaried. With no benefits, as the facility is technically a nonprofit, this hard work sometimes seems too much to handle. Not that I’m not up to the challenge, but there is virtually no possibility of advancement either. So we exhaust ourselves to the promise of staying in the same position indefinitely.


At Heartland, I will be expected to hold a 40 hours work week, but with no weekend expectation. I also, on top of a pretty good starting salary, am offered profit sharing and paid vacation. I actually can see the end of my student debt when I crunch the numbers (something that is obviously VERY important!)

The work itself will also be something new to me; it requires me going back to school for a realtor’s license and developing new job skills I have only touched upon in college coursework. This concept actually excites me — I’ve always enjoyed learning something new.

The Bossman also made the statement that he is interested in discussing my dream to build my own wedding venue someday. He even suggested partnering with him and building it on the winery’s property someday.

So here I am, being torn in two directions. On one side I have Shadowland:

  • I love the people and the responsibilities of the job.
  • I make a good paycheck, but have no benefits.
  • There is no room for advancement.

And with Heartland:

  • The income and benefits are amazing.
  • Advancement opportunities are virtually unlimited.
  • My ultimate goal may be achieved.
  • I won’t have a big social aspect in the job, which is disheartening as I love people.

In all reality, the pros outweigh the cons tenfold, but still…


I mentioned I was stressed. That is because I have decided to take the offer with Heartland and leave Shadowland. Now I have to tell my good work friends my decision, and I am dreading the move. There is so much I was looking forward to with Shadowland in 2015! However, there is a little piece of me that is beyond excited for a new beginning with Heartland and now possibilities of my future.

Wish me luck; I’m sharing my news tomorrow…

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