Faith: What It Means to Me

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” -Hebrews 11:1

I know I have mentioned this before, but I’ll make the statement one more time: I was raised in a Lutheran home.  I also attended a Lutheran grade school and high school, and Christian university my freshman year. I was taught the Bible since preschool; Biblical stories are more familiar to me than nursery rhymes. I know the principles of my religion, the do’s and don’t’s of good Christian living. However, I still find myself learning something new every day about my faith, and I still question certain aspects.

While discussing such things with some of my friends, I marveled in how differently people assess the term “faith.” In one conversation, faith could be used to examine religion, yet in another it could be a simple feeling towards another person.

“Faith is not having any particular proof to support what you believe, but knowing that what you feel is true and that you would do anything and everything to keep your faith.” -Madelynn

I consider faith one of the most important concepts in life as it pertains to the most basic needs for one to be happy. Faith can be:

  • belief in something even with no proof,
  • confidence in another person,
  • obligation of loyalty to someone,
  • a standard of ethic,
  • or the belief in a certain religion and/or God.

No matter if you are religious or spiritual or agnostic or whatever else, faith is always present in your life.

“Faith is knowing in your soul something another’s eyes cannot see. You can see the affects of something but not necessarily it’s very being or existence. Faith is knowing something greater than yourself exists and if that is so, your very life should be poured out in the pursuit of it. If something is precious enough to believe even though you cannot see it, it’s precious enough to live for. If you believe in something so strongly, should not everything you do reflect it?” -Chelsey

When it comes to religion, my faith has always gotten me through some of the hardest of times. It is a welcome relief that in those moments when I feel ultimately alone, I know in my bones that I am not. I always have my Lord beside me, listening to every drama-induced tear. I know in the end everything will be okay. I know I will live.

Yet, my faith has wavered on a number of occasions. It has been forgotten frequently and has been misused repeatedly. I take my faith in God for granted, using the knowledge that I am saved by the faith He has given me as a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for many things.

“Faith is an understanding of the benevolence of the universe and the healing power of loving kindness.” -Kelsey

Earning my trust is a tedious venture, but I cannot express my love and adoration for those who put in the effort. When I choose to place my faith in a person, it is because they have proven they are worth my confidence. This trusting relationship between any two people is one that cannot be replaced.

“Faith can be a feeling. It’s a sense of knowing something is there but may not be able to see it or ever see it. But you know it’s there. Faith is inspirational. Sometimes it makes us do things we would never do but we trust ourselves to know that whatever happens will happen and faith can guide us.” -Rachel

Faith is definitely an inspiration. What could be more inspirational than believing in something that cannot be seen? Faith is more than a feeling — it’s a way of living. It is how you look at the world, and how the world looks at you.

“I don’t think faith is just religion. It’s the fact that everything in the world works out just as it should. Hands down. And hanging on to that and knowing that during hard times everything will work out as it should.” -Kari

Are you faithful? What does this statement mean to you?

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