“I Don’t Feel All That Guilty…”

My friend Jody of Thoughtful Scribbles wrote a fun little post talking about her twelve guilty pleasures. After sharing she asked what her readers’ naughty passions included. Here is my response:

One-Season Wonders
What I think is good television, some people don’t. That might be why one of my guilty pleasures includes shows that seem to only last a season long. Shows like The Gates, Secret Circle, Firefly, Red Widow, Hostages… Good thing Netflix isn’t so picky and I can replay these great one-season-or-less shows whenever I choose!

Medieval Strategy
I embrace my label of being a nerd with fairly frivolous grace. I am what I am, and I like what I like. And one thing I have liked since childhood are games dealing with medieval strategy. I would take Runescape over Barbie’s Hair Studio PC any day, Clash of Clans beats out Angry Birds every time, and Settlers of Catan is way better than Monopoly. I even go by a pretty awesome username on all those virtual games, a name which I found from an online elf name generator when I was in fifth grade. (Mmhmm, you’ve probably guessed, mage or archer is always my tactic.)

I don’t like coffee, but that doesn’t hinder visits to Starbucks or Biggbys during road trips, cold-weather days, or exam weeks (or long work days like today.) I get almost giddy walking around with a big coffee cup and sipping from it’s small pour hole all cool-like. If anyone were to ask, though, I might act coy saying, “Oh, it’s white hot chocolate. With whipped cream. And a dash of peppermint.” or “Well, I was really in the mood for apple juice, but I stuck with caramel cider instead.”

BuzzFeed Zombie-Strike
You know how some girls go into Pinterest-induced comas sometimes? That happens to me with BuzzFeed. Quizzes on which Disney movie my life portrays, 101 things every girl should know, relationships in the eyes of cute cats… I mean, holy goodness! It’s like a Lays potato chip. I. Just. Can’t. Stop.

Avid Print-to-Screen Activist
Nothing makes my heart flutter faster than knowing a book/series I’ve read is coming to the big screen. Even better are the known discussions I will have with my friends debating whether the screenwriters will capture the whole capacity of each work. No matter which side I argue for, though, I am always pleasantly surprised with every single print-to-screen version.

“Eragon was nothing like the series.” So what! Did you see Saphire as a baby?!

“Blood and Chocolate kills off the main love interest in the book.” Yeah, your point? Gabriel is frickin’ creepy in the movie; I would have killed him too.

Over Design
Do you like the design of my blog? I do, but that doesn’t stop me from redesigning it once a week. I also tend to design websites of local businesses or for friends just because. It’s not like I actually go and try to sell my creations, I just like the process and way to express my creative side.

Humming “Bad” Music
I say I like country music, but the truth is, I like everything. And it always seems that the worst song I’ve heard throughout the day is the one that gets stuck in my head. Problem is, I have this habit of humming. So I tend to get caught humming Barbie Girl, Hey Mickey, Throwdown Hoedown, or Bye Bye Bye. The catchier the rhythm and worse the lyrics, the better to hum…

Earth Porn
Have you ever visited earthporm.com? No? Visit. Now. You’ll understand…

Call Me Mrs. Hugh
My real guilty pleasure? Swooning over Hugh Jackman. I’m pretty sure I own every single one of his movies. And they may or may not have their own little area in my DVD rack…

Check List, To-Do List, Bucket List, Etc.
My name is Ashley and I like to make lists. Perhaps it is not obvious through this blog yet, but just wait.. I actually have a list of the lists I plan to make. There is nothing more rewarding to me than writing down everything I wish to accomplish, pack, see, say, write, travel, complete, etc. and being able to cross the items off one by one. Maybe you didn’t notice but even this post is composed of a nice list. They’re kind of everywhere when it comes to my life.

Palomitas Binge
Is it just me or has anyone else ever eaten a bag of popcorn before bed and woken the next day to see the scale reading less? If that’s not motivation to binge on those heavenly little buttery boogers, then I don’t know what is! When it comes to an unhealthy snack, my guilty pleasure usually consists of these tasty doves.

So, I’ve told a few of my guilty pleasures, I now challenge you to do the same… What are your guilty pleasures?

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