25 Things To Work On Before I’m 25

I recently found this list of 25 Things Every Woman Should Have By The Time She Turns 25 and found it pretty insightful. I still have two years to go before I turn 25, but I was curious how I’m faring in life, so I did some comparisons…

1. Enough confidence to no longer feel the need to justify what she eats, who she dates or what she wears, not only to other people, but to herself
Right off the bat and I am ashamed to admit I have not succeeded with reaching this level of confidence yet. I always find myself trying to convince either myself or others in my life as to why I make the choices I make. I need to stop this behavior. I know the type of person I am, I’m proud of that person, and I need to put more faith in that person in order to truly be happy with my life and my future.

2. The goal of a bank account with a few months’ living expenses in it, if she doesn’t have that already. Just in case.
Check! This is a huge goal of mine and I am working my butt off to reach it. 

3. Only the phone numbers, Facebook friends, weekend plans, and roommates she actually wants.
Other than the occasional Facebook friend I simply like to stalk every now and then, I surround myself with people I truly adore and with whom I love spending time.

4. A best friend who is like a sister.
Check – I am proud to say I have three girls I consider my sisters.

5. A space of her own.
Other than my lonely drawer at work and my bedroom in my parent’s house, I have no space to call my own. However, I plan for this to change by the time I am 25, so at least it’s in the works.

6. A good idea of what she needs in a romantic relationship, not just what she wants, or what she thinks she needs, and the willingness to explore different people and other ideas to find what exactly that is.
Sigh — I’ll get back to you on this…

7. A closet of what she considers to be her “staples,” and among these things, something to wear to an interview, funeral, wedding, impromptu Friday night drink at a casual bar and dream date if ever someone were to call out of the blue.
Check on the professional, check on the somber, and check on the flirty.

8. The tact and grace to ask for a raise, a promotion, a change in a relationship or a date with someone she’s into.
Check… even though my heart may be trying to turn me around, I am more than capable of gracefully approaching all these situations, and I have done all of them in the past with no harm befalling me.

9. The faith that she deserves those things.

10. A favorite coffee order, go-to restaurant for when friends visit from out of town, hairstyle that takes less than five minutes in the morning, “thank you” cards in her desk drawer, the print copy of her favorite book, and bedding that she is proud to show off.
I find this an interesting assortment of necessities, but I agree with them all, except the coffee. I will need to assess my book shelf and purchase some “thank you” cards though.

11. A hobby that has nothing to do with drinking, shopping or somebody else.
Check. Running and writing are completely “me” zones.

12. The recipes for a number of easy meals memorized.

13. The desire and discipline to actually cook for herself. (Just herself.)
Down to an art — breakfast, lunch, and most dinners. 

14. A trip she tells awesome stories about and a trip she has awesome plans for.
I have TONS of plans, but maybe I should work on more memories…

15. A sense that she’s let go of resenting other women for what they do or don’t have over her.
Comparable to #1, I need to work on this more. It seems so difficult in today’s world, but perhaps that’s just a cop-out I’m using, eh? I will put this at the top of my To Do list!

16. Enough of a healthy relationship with her body that her contentment no longer hinges on comparison, or what her partner would think.
Unfortunately, it may be easier to simply refer to #15…

17. At least one date in her memory with the kind of partner who wouldn’t care about those things anyway.
Point me towards that man, please!

18. Forgiveness if she’s dated men who haven’t quite matured as quickly as women tend to in their early 20’s.
Check. I’ve impressed myself with how forgiving I’ve been these past few months. I could be a very wretched soul, but with the advice from friends and family (both genders), I have come to better understand how men and women differ in their maturity levels sometimes. I suppose it’s better to find out early than to repeatedly be disappointed, right?

19. The knowledge of what she wants in bed and the confidence to ask for it without feeling uncomfortable.

20. A drill, a non-stick pan, a credit card line nobody else has access to, a bra that she was measured for at the store, and working knowledge of how to change a tire, unclog a pipe, make an investment, and find shoes on the extra 40% rack.
Yes, yes, yes — Check!

21. A relationship with her mother, even if it’s the decision that their relationship will be at least functioning, if not familial.
My mom is one of the strongest and wisest people I know. I value my relationship with her more than anyone else’s.

22. A passport, a sturdy piece of luggage, and the ability to pack the essentials at a moment’s notice should she be offered the chance to get away for a weekend, a week, or a whole new life.
Buy me the ticket and point me in the right direction!

23. The following emergency kit: Tylenol/Advil, eyedrops, a tampon, hand sanitizer, a fresh pair of underwear, a travel sized toothbrush, hydrocolloid bandages for blisters, $20 cash, a condom, and Plan B.
I was following you just find up until the end… So half a check and the promise of at least considering investing in a few of those more “mature” items.

24. Forgiveness for who she was.
Most of the times I feel I have reached this point, but there are those rare days that the past haunts me. 

25. An idea of who she wants to be.
I’m working on her…

So, overall I am on the right track to being a perfectly functional 25-year-old. For those few areas I need work, a little help from my family and friends, a lot of faith, and all my heart will be needed, but I have no fear that I won’t succeed. I’m enjoying my life a day at a time, but I’m excited to see how bright my horizons are!

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