Welcome to Peonies ‘n Mint

Note: Uncorking Peonies began as Peonies ‘n Mint. This blog was rebranded in August 2017 to be what Uncorking Peonies has become, a lifestyle blog focused on entertaining, home life, and transitioning to a newlywed.


I genuinely love writing, editing, and design, and I aim to keep my skills relevant by learning more about professional writing techniques, the ever-evolving world of social media, and the changes needed to make my community stronger. I also enjoy people and learning how to communicate with people from a variety of different backgrounds. Strong relationships are an important part of the backbone of any organization. People matter.

I am a Southwest Michigan native who is very inspired by the breathtaking natural beauty around me. I am a graduate of Western Michigan University where I studied rhetoric and writing studies and nonprofit leadership. Writing has always been one of my passions, and I enjoy the thought of incorporating it into my career. I balance two very opposite lines of work; I am the executive assistant of an agricultural brokerage and I am the manager of a local winery. Surprisingly, though, I work for the same employer under both positions. (Ask me for all the whole confusing details…)

Peonies ‘n Mint was originally born as a wedblog while I coordinated weddings at a popular beach venue. Upon change in occupation, however, the site directed towards three topics I am very passionate: writing, running, and wine. Since its creation, the blog has become a hub for my natural curiosity of the world around me. I tend to discuss situations happening in my life, experiences I have dealt with personally, and conversations shared with people I meet. My hope is to inspire my readers to think of the world in a larger scheme and perhaps start a conversation on further discussion in these omnipresent topics. I absolutely love learning how different people relate to the same situation, and find it interesting the similarities and differences in society’s thinking.

With all that being said, thank you so much for stopping by!

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